Giancarlo Esposito Talks Antón Castillo & Far Cry 6


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ET’s Ash Crossan chats with ‘Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito as he takes on the role of Antón Castillo in the highly anticipated ‘Far Cry 6,’ out Feb. 18, 2021.

Esposito also dishes on wielding the Darksaber and hunting down Baby Yoda in ‘The Mandalorian.’ Plus, how he wants to work with Marvel someday after tackling the role of Lex Luthor in the DC animated series, ‘Harley Quinn.’

Why was Giancarlo Esposito drawn to the role of Antón Castillo in Far Cry 6?

Giancarlo Esposito is a renowned American actor known for his outstanding performances in movies and TV shows. He has played diverse roles throughout his career, but he is most recognized for his portrayal of villains. His latest role is as the antagonist, Antón Castillo, in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6.

The Far Cry franchise has built a reputation for its immersive gameplay and captivating storytelling. It is no surprise that Ubisoft went all out to cast masterful actors like Giancarlo Esposito for their latest installment. Antón Castillo is the dictator of the fictional island of Yara, and the story follows the protagonist’s journey in overthrowing him. In a recent interview, Giancarlo Esposito talked about his experience playing Antón Castillo and his creative process.

The actor revealed that he was initially hesitant about playing another villain. He is famously known for playing Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad, a character that is still widely recognized and celebrated. However, he was drawn to the role of Antón Castillo because of the complexity of the character. Esposito said, “I wanted to help people understand the mind of a dictator, the mind of a human being who might not have been heard before.” He went on to say that the game’s writers did an excellent job of creating well-rounded characters that were neither black nor white, but grey.

The character of Antón Castillo is based on real-life dictators, which inspired Esposito’s research process. The actor studied the mannerisms and speeches of notorious dictators like Fidel Castro, Muammar Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein. He also worked on perfecting his Spanish since his character is bilingual. Esposito revealed that he was drawn to the character’s love for his country and how he believed in it so deeply that he was willing to do anything to protect it. “He is a man of the people, the kind of leader that many people cry out for,” he said. Nevertheless, Antón’s methods are extreme and oppressive, making him a formidable and dangerous adversary.

Esposito’s performance in Far Cry 6 has garnered much attention and praise from gamers and critics alike. The actor, known for his method acting, revealed that he fully immersed himself in the character’s mindset. He said, “I looked for ways to feel Antón’s pain and his exuberance. I looked for ways to find his empathy and his personal connection to who he was as a man.” He also praised the game’s graphics and gameplay, saying that it aided him in bringing the character’s emotions to life.

In conclusion, Giancarlo Esposito’s portrayal of Antón Castillo is undoubtedly a highlight of Far Cry 6. The actor’s immersion in the complex character’s mindset is evident in his performance, making it one to watch out for. His research on real-life dictators and his creative process has added depth to Antón’s character, making him a formidable and compelling villain. Far Cry 6 is set to be released on October 7, and it promises to be an immersive gaming experience.

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